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Akkan Just Miss - A glossary of all terms/slangs/inside references used by rascals who attend quizzes in Bangalore.

Akkan Just Miss[]

A glossary of terms. This document attempts to collate all the terms/slang/inside references used by rascals who attend quizzes in Bangalore*. Over the course of next few months we hope to make this a comprehensive document, for after all we are very serious quizzers here!

*The views expressed here are elicited by crowd-sourcing and represent the combined opinions of various useless fellows with hazaara bandwidth. If anything here offends you, please follow the golden example set by Arindam Sir and sue Google for making such things possible, Facebook for allowing useless fellows to come together, BMTC for not effectively ruining Bangalore weather and thus driving them to US, Tim Berners Lee for coming up with dabblu three times, CERN for not making him work properly on the LHC, Koshy’s for allowing new cocktails to be created on their premises, Yen Dabblew for selling wine after 2:30, and Charles Darwin for coming up with the most exciting idea in the history of human civilisation. TanQ. We will give you a free entry in Akkan Just Miss and waggle our bums while writing it.

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